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Equine Paver Solutions is experienced at installing, cleaning, and restoring rubber pavers and other surfaces at equine facilities in Sacramento and surrounding communities. We ensure your stall, barn aisle, tack stall, wash bay, and race paddock flooring is functional and ready to handle high traffic. Our team ensures all surfaces are safe for people and horses, while our design professionals can work with you to create unique and beautiful facilities.



A comprehensive range of services is available to equine facility owners in Sacramento and the surrounding area. We are proud to support projects that include just what you’re looking for, within budget. The expertise of our specialists includes:

  • Rubber Paving: Serving a wide range of applications, rubber pavers are ideal for equine operations because they are extremely durable and provide an anti-slip surface. Soft surfaces are easy on the legs (of people and horses) and reduce the risk of injury. Our rubber pavers also resist weather, chemicals, and abrasion.
  • Eurocisers: Horses require exercise to remain strong and healthy, but the safety of the environment depends on a comfortable and durable surface. We can provide an optimal surface, design, and style for your eurociser so horses get more out of their exercise time.
  • Barn Aisles: We offer pavers and floor designs that ensure each barn aisle is safe for horses going to and from stalls and the people who work with them. Interlocking pavers are easy to install and remain slip-resistant when wet or dry.
  • Tack Stalls: Tack stall flooring solutions remain firm and prevent bedding and other materials from getting lodged between or under the pavers. Our flooring options provide traction and insulation against cold and moisture while supporting the weight of a horse.
  • Wash Bays: Upgrade wash bay floors so horses remain safe even in wet conditions. Featuring a non-absorbent material, our pavers do not support bacterial growth and are designed to prevent movement, buckling, or curling.
  • Arena Entries: Our design team will assist you in choosing the best flooring for entryways. Standard and custom sizes are available, so we’re able to accommodate all your needs.
  • Race Paddocks: We manage paver installations for everything from small basic horse pens to competition-level arenas. With our flooring, training spaces, driving arenas, and jumping facilities remain safe and functional.
  • Horse Stalls: Horses spend lots of time in their stalls, so you want to make sure the floor surfaces are comfortable. Proper flooring helps contribute to horses’ health and happiness and resists damage from digging and pawing.
  • Winners Circle: A rubber paver surface helps cushion sore legs after a race and contributes to the continued safety of horses and people during celebratory events.


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Our specialists are ready to design flooring solutions and install rubber pavers at equine facilities throughout the Sacramento area. We serve Elk Grove, Vineyard, Arden-Arcade, Roseville, Granite Bay, and other horse-friendly communities. Contact us or call 916-628-4837 today for a quote, design consultation, or to schedule installation or maintenance.

Equine Paver Solutions specializes in education, design, and install of rubber pavers for flooring or walkways, tack stalls or washbays, or any surface where you need a safe, comfortable surface for you and your horse.

Our team of specialists are highly experienced and can create beautiful designs. Contact Equine Paver Solutions today for consultation, estimates or any questions you may have.

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“My name is Noelle Kaeser. And I want to also introduce the horse in my picture. His name is Aritino and he is the reason and sole purpose of Equine Paver Solutions. 7 years ago, Aritino slipped and fell on a concert barn aisle way. He was only 4 years old at the time, and still growing. Unfortunately, that slip and fall led to his back being completely compacted causing early arthritis pain, bone spurs and nerve damage. Being a horse, he couldn’t tell me what was wrong, so we spent that last 6 years of his life trying to figure that out. Over tens of thousands of dollars were spend on him; acupuncture, chiropractic care, laser treatments, cortisone injection, anti-inflammatory injections, bone scans, x-rays, and still nothing could be done. Some treatments worked but only for a short amount of time. Seeing an animal in pain and not being able to fix them is one of the hardest things I’ve had to deal with. One year ago, I had to make the choice to put him down. In his autopsy report they discovered his spine was completely compacted and there was nothing we could have done to help him. No animal deserves to live in pain. And this all could have been avoided if the barn he was living in had rubber pavers and not just a concert slab. This story is the reason that this company is so important to me. I share this story so that something like this doesn’t happen to another beautiful animal.
Rubber pavers are non-slippery when wet. Even if my horse would have fallen the impact would not have been as severe. It is the reason children’s playgrounds have them. Rubber pavers are made from 100 percent recycled tire rubber. They come with a 3 year manufacturers warranty. And we are offering also a 3 year installation warranty.

Noelle Kaeser

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