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The well-being of people/horses at equine facilities depends on the surfaces installed and how they’re maintained. Equine Paver Solutions provides durable, non-slip rubber surfaces for customers in Sacramento and surrounding communities.

Our rubber pavers are perfect for barn aisles. They provide a safe non-slip surface that maintains its non-skid properties even in wet conditions. Therefore, the risk of injury to horses, riders, and anyone else in the barn is reduced.

When you choose our paver solutions, your barn is a safe place for people and horses. Exposure to weather, abrasion, and chemicals will not change their properties, as our products remain durable and versatile in a range of aisle conditions.


Envisioning the Perfect Barn Aisle Design

Our team does more than just sell great barn products. We are design and installation experts. The process starts with a visit to your facility. We can then choose and design a solution that improves function, aesthetics, and safety for your specific operation.

Our equestrian pavers:

  • Stand up to daily use by people and animals
  • Can tolerate vehicular traffic
  • Are always slip resistant
  • Create an ergonomic work surface
  • Resist cracking, warping, and shrinking
  • Resist the effects of freezing and thawing
  • Accommodate horses at rest, in transit, or while exercising or competing

Since our pavers can remain slip-resistant in wash bays, they can provide the same benefits in each barn aisle they’re installed in.

We also make sure each paver is properly fitted. Our flooring solutions feature an interlocking design, which helps to make them more stable. However, professional installation is only the start.

All barn floors require cleaning, but our cleaning professionals are experienced with effectively washing out contaminants at the surface and in-between paver joints, so they remain safe whether wet or dry. We provide pressure washing to ensure pavers remain clean. After all, proper maintenance will get you the most out of our installations.


Safety Is the #1 Priority

Any slick surface is a risk to the people and horses in your barn. Interlocking rubber pavers are slip-free and provide traction on wet and dry surfaces. The design of your facility is critical as well. Aisleways should be at least eight feet wide. This leaves enough room for the largest horses, or even two horses, to pass through.

Even if you have non-slip rubber floors, proper ceiling heights help improve safety. Aisle ceilings should be nine feet or higher or around seven feet, so a rearing horse can’t reach too high or touch the surface with enough force to cause injury. It also helps to keep your aisles clutter-free and well-lit.


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Barn Aisles

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