Helping Horses Stay Healthy and Fit

Horses require frequent exercise to stay conditioned and healthy. Equine Paver Solutions provides eurociser machines so horses get the movement they need. These systems allow free movement although speed and direction of motion can be controlled.

Horse exerciser machines move at the animal’s natural pace, which enables the horse to flex through its typical range of motion and move under its own muscle power. Muscle elasticity can thereby be improved. Active horses are generally less susceptible to injuries and more likely to function at peak performance.


Eurocisers Keep Horses Healthy

When confined to a stall and not given opportunities to graze, a horse is at risk of developing a range of health problems, including:

  • Viral and bacterial infections
  • Inflammatory airway disease
  • Excess respiratory mucus
  • Colic and other intestinal problems
  • Gastric ulcers
  • Decreased bone density
  • Abnormal growth and development
  • Behavioral problems

Confined horses are susceptible to increased exposure to microbes. Endotoxins from decaying bacteria in hay and fecal matter can pose respiratory risks as well. Respiratory inflammation can also be caused by dust, which can be kicked up by fans, work activities, and foot traffic. In addition, physical movement improves digestive health and increases metabolism; walking can stimulate gastrointestinal motility and shorten retention of particulate food items.

A horse walker is beneficial to younger horses. It can contribute to improved cartilage development and reduced flexural deformities. Weight-bearing exercises are important to ensure growth plates and limbs develop properly, so horses don’t require exercise restrictions as they develop. Regular exercise using a eurociser increases the chances a horse will grow normally, remain healthy, and stay active without injury and confinement.

Horses also have comfortable surfaces to maintain their footing, sufficient space to feel relaxed and free, and no hazards that can cause injury.


Horse Exercise Equipment for Any Facility

Our equipment avoids having to hire outside help, possibly putting horses at risk. Exercise equipment from Equine Paver Solutions is safe and proven to have many benefits. It is durable and low on maintenance. Customers can, therefore, depend on reliable equipment that will effectively and safely give horses the exercise they need.

We have extended our specialties in flooring for barns, stalls, and walkways to some of the most reliable equine exercise products on the market. Engineered and precision manufactured, each horse walker is built to high-quality standards, with the safety of horses and equipment operators in mind. Our eurocisers enable you to establish a routine for training and regular exercise. They accommodate regular physical activities and complement fitness training with support for walking, trotting, and cantering.

Representatives at Equine Paver Solutions are ready to help you find a horse exerciser and provide information about our rubber paving, barn aisle, tack stall, wash bay, and other products. Request a free quote or consultation or call us at 1 (916) 387-5913 today.


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