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Rubber Pavers for Equine Facilities and Horse Owners


Equine Paver Solutions Designs, Installs, and Cleans Anti-Slip, Horse-Friendly Surfaces

Equestrian rubber pavers can be installed on any floor in your equine facility or where horses live, compete, or are bred. Slip-resistant and durable, these pavers absorb shock to protect horses and people. Used in barn aisles, stalls, paddocks, or anywhere on premises, these surfaces not only require proper design and installation but the right care so they remain as safe and resilient as designed.

Equine Paver Solutions provides a complete set of services to residential and commercial clients to ensure our products always serve their purpose. Our services include:

  • Design: Our specialists visit your facility to conduct an assessment and determine how to integrate barn pavers and improve safety, function, and beauty.
  • Installation: We execute the entire installation process, ensuring each paver is properly fitted; an interlocking design contributes to stability and unique aesthetics.
  • Cleaning: Barn pavers are safe in wet and dry conditions, but our cleaning specialists ensure they’re free of contaminants at the surface and in-between joints.


Durable Equestrian Rubber Pavers

Strong enough to endure vehicular traffic, our pavers can handle daily use by people and horses. Slip-resistance helps avoid injuries and a high level of comfort allows for a more ergonomic work area that accommodates horses while resting, in transit, or exercising or competing. Our pavers sustain these benefits over time as they’re resistant to chemicals and abrasion, as well as warping, cracking, and shrinking.

The material can also tolerate harsh weather conditions and resist the effects of freezing and thawing. It remains durable and safe even in wet environments such as wash bays.


Easy to Maintain

Our specialists can provide a periodic pressure washing, from time to time, to ensure all dirt and contaminants are removed. Otherwise, you can easily clean our barn pavers with a broom or leaf blower. A vacuum cleaner can be safely used as well, whether pavers are laid on top of concrete, compacted stone dust, or asphalt.


Beneficial for Horses and People

Equestrian pavers are resilient, relieving stress and reducing fatigue on the legs and hips while providing for better overall comfort. They also resist damage from contact by any breed of horse and will not tear or curl. For people, rubber pavers are more comfortable to stand on after long periods of time and reduce the risk of slip and fall injuries. Fewer bedding materials are needed, reducing costs and the time needed to prepare stalls.

Our paver solutions control dust in equine environments and keep bacteria in check. Barns and equine facilities can, therefore, be more sanitary. The products are also UV-resistant, further contributing to quality, performance, and longevity.


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We are experienced in designing and installing high-quality, safe solutions for barns and other equine facilities. To learn more about our equestrian rubber pavers or receive a free quote, contact us online, or call 916-387-5913 for a consultation and to ask our specialists any questions you may have.

Rubber Paving

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